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the 2020 shift

Deepest gratitude to our loyal and phenomenally patient wait-listers. Resounding YES, we are knee deep in creative work so as to unveil our updated, eco-luxurious + deeply soul nurturing products. They pack a life-seducing punch. I promise. They also come with a new website, social media blitz (is that a thing?) and all the warm + fuzzies.

As for newbies to Soultree’s world…welcome. We believe slowing down a bit is vital to a balanced life, that enlightenment is sexy, and sustainable luxury for self and home is essential for wellness. We’ve got you covered, the messy bits and everything in between. Jump aboard. This is your one magnificent life, and EVOLution is a process. Let’s go.

Our Founder and creative chief Karin, otherwise lovingly known as Dirt, has been hunkered down during this global lock-in and brainstorming like Wonder Woman, but she calls it playing with dirt. So what does “Play with Dirt” mean you might have queried? To Karin, it’s her core manifesto of exhaustively seeking all things rooted in soul; a pleasure principle she lives by and from which our products are created. Her since childhood moniker Dirt? A nickname that stuck, appropriately summarizing lifetime tomboy tendencies, a reverent connection to nature, and her instinctively sensual way of living. It flows rather easily into Soultree’s collective mantra of cultivating a soul-directed life… you’ve gotta snuggle down (preferably in our cashmere), dig in and get a little dirty. Boom.

If you have specific questions, desire getting on our wait-list, or after all this quarantining you simply feel compelled to share your story. Please do. Or sure, just say hello. Subscribe + get in the loop so when we go live, you’re right there with us. Only truth + soul ever delivered to your inbox. Promise. As for sharing any techno snail mail questions + stories:  [email protected]

Until we collide, live passionately + smile often.

Ubuntu.  Grace.  In Lak’ech.  Ciao.  Namaste.  Ta. Peace out.